Complexes with UR-100N UKh ICBM is one of the most important components of the Russian strategic nuclear forces. The two-stage liquid propellant missile has the payload with 6 warheads. Each missile is charged, canisterized and stored in the silo launcher protected against the adverse factors of nuclear explosion.

Boost cluster of UR-100N

The first complex with UR-100N missiles was commissioned in 1975 with the guarantee period of 10 years. All the best engineering solutions were implemented in this complex validated by the previous generation of 100s. High reliability indices of the missile and the complex, achieved during exploitation, allowed the military leadership of our country to set a challenge for the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff, Strategic Missile Forces Command, the leading designer to extend the complex service life from 10-15 to 25 years and recently, from 25 to 30 years. At present the operation life of the complex is extended to 35 years.

Head section of IBM UR-100N UKh

The accomplishment of such complicated task required  cooperation of “JSC MIC Mashinostroyenia” , as the head designer with the other enterprises for development of the new methodic approaches and close interaction with the scientific research institutes, MoD organizations, operating units and services of Strategic Missile Forces.

The task for such long service life of the complex with the same combat and technical performance was solved for the first time in the world. The great number of scientific surveys  and R&D had to be conducted combined into the single complex program. The approaches for prediction of the complex status were developed for not less than 2-3 years ahead based on the “Calculation – Experiment – Prediction - Solution” principle.

In this connection the strength margins of the load-bearing structures are estimated, the  condition of fuel tank walls is checked, the condition of the propellant components is analyzed, the accelerated tests are conducted in the environmental chambers to simulate the equivalent effects of the environmental parameters on the units and mechanisms of the complex.

The gained experience is universal and it can be used for the service life extension of all complexes with the liquid-propellant missiles, including RS-20 “Voevoda”.

The annual launches of UR-100N UKh missiles from Baikonur cosmodrome is the important part for confirmation of the missile basic specifications. The missile with the longest service life is selected for such launch.

Today the complexes with UR-100N UKh ICBM are deployed in two firing position areas.

The calculations demonstrated that having the UR-100N UKh missiles in Strategic Missile Forces saved several billion roubles for the other important national tasks.

The extension of missile service life contributed to implementation of the “Strela” LV program for launching of spacecraft with the minimum expenses.