Small spacecraft “Kondor-E” with the synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is designed for reception, storage and transmission of the high resolution data of the Earth remote sensing (ERS) to the ground reception and processing centers in the microwave band of electromagnetic radiation spectrum.

SAR ensures the around the clock and all-weather imaging of the Earth surface.

Small spacecraft “Kondor-E” with the synthetic aperture radar is equipped with the high resolution radar (up to 1 m), the onboard data storage media of high capacity and wide band channel (250 Mbit/s) for the data transmission.

SAR design features the expanded portable dish antenna of the umbrella type which allows to reduce the weight and ensure the SAR high sensitivity with small power consumption.

Small space vehicle “Kondor-E” with SAR consists of:
- Common space platform: onboard control complex, data storage media, data transmission system, propulsion plant, conditioning system, power generation system;
- SAR.

Detailed spot light mode of imaging
Detailed Strip Map mode of imaging