JSC “MIC “NPO mashinostroyenia” renders services for the standard processing and topical de-coding of the ERS radar data, including:
- presentation of the archive data of radar survey from space stations “Cosmos-1870” and “Almaz-1”. (www.almaz1.ru);
- accomplishment of the whole cycle of the radar data standard processing, including the synthesized images from radio holograms received from different SAR platforms;
- reduction of images to the map projection, geocoding and orthorectification of images;
- development of the terrain relief digital models based on the radar survey data, 3D simulation of the surface relief;
- processing of SAR data in different topics;
- development and conduction of scientific-practical experiments based on SAR data;
- development of software for ERS data processing.  

As well, JSC “MIC “NPO mashinostroyenia” offers the whole list of SAR products. That is the pre-processed products, designed for the visual estimation of the received data and cataloging for further application (radio hologram, image for fast viewing, image for fast delivery, data in a complex form).

The products of secondary processing,  designed for comparison with the available data, measurements of distances, discrimination of natural and human-induced objects (normalized image, geocoded image,  geocoded image Considering relief).

And finally, the products of special processing specified by certain requirements of Customer (image with the reduced level of speckle noise, the images subjected to filtration for detection of typical objects, packages of modern surface area images and the results of their processing, digital models of terrain relief, terrain topical maps).

Monitoring of ice conditions, mapping of the sea ice motion. Kara strait. The different time data is marked green and white characterizing the ice position change. Survey from spacecraft “Almaz-1”. Clear circular structures – oil spillages in the spots of oil recovery. There are distinct points on the sea surface – the sea oil platforms.
Survey from spacecraft “Almaz-1”.
Pearl-Harbour, Hawaiian Islands Survey from spacecraft “Kondor-E”.

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